Videographer work









Delaine Le Bas at Maxim Gorki Theater

“Beware of Linguistic Engineering”

Editor/Camera – performance documentation









S27 – Kunst und Bildung

“Gulliver’s Big Tiny Kitchen”

Editor – short documentary video









ComE In – Migrationsrat und GLADT e.V.

Auf den Spuren von Intersektionalität mit…

Editor –  a series of short video interviews with Black Sex Worker Collective, LITQID, House of Moving Colors, Migloom, Maangai

Collaboration with Activistar Film & Video Productions Collectiv. Comissioned by ComE In – a joint program by Migrationsrat und GLADT e.V.










BIWoC Rising & Xart Splitta

“What are Safe(r) Spaces?”

Videographer-  short video on the concepts of safe(r) spaces and intersectionality. 









Kultur Mitte

“Lebt und arbeitet in Berlin”

Photographer  – Interview series with Vanessa Gravenor and Berlin-based artists and writers – Mathilde ter Heijne, Waltraud Ehrhardt and Peter Obrist, Liwaa Yazji, Edna Bonhomme.









Najwa Khater  – “Silence”

Editor – a short fiction film







Thais Nepomuceno“Herdeiros”

Set in the favela of Morro da Serrinha in Rio, Herdeiros tells the story of the cultural and musical legacy of African slaves in current day Brazil.

Editing consultant/graphics – documentary film

Togeter Virtuell  – “Alex(a)”
Film advisor/camera/editor – a collaborative film project with the queer youth center in Kleve and director Kanchi Wichmann. 





Kanchi Wichmann “Adults of Berlin”

A group of successful 40-something friends lives go off the rails when a 20 year old documentary resurfaces and is exposed as a lie.

Editor – for a TV series pitch reel

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