Videographer work













Delaine Le Bas at Maxim Gorki Theater

“Beware of Linguistic Engineering”

Editor/Camera – performance documentation






S27 – Kunst und Bildung

“Gulliver’s Big Tiny Kitchen”

Editor – short documentary video








BIWoC Rising & Xart Splitta

“What are Safe(r) Spaces?”

Video producer (concept, camera, edit, post-production) –  short video on the concepts of safe(r) spaces and intersectionality. 







ComE In – Migrationsrat und GLADT e.V.

Auf den Spuren von Intersektionalität mit…

Editor –  a series of short video interviews with Black Sex Worker Collective, LITQID, House of Moving Colors, Migloom, Maangai

Collaboration with Activistar Film & Video Productions Collectiv. Comissioned by ComE In – a joint program by Migrationsrat und GLADT e.V.






Kanchi Wichmann 

“Adults of Berlin”

Editor – for a TV series pitch reel


Kultur Mitte

“Lebt und arbeitet in Berlin”

Photographer  – Interview series with Vanessa Gravenor and Berlin-based artists and writers – Mathilde ter Heijne, Waltraud Ehrhardt and Peter Obrist, Liwaa Yazji, Edna Bonhomme.

Ein Gespräch mit Liwaa Yazji © Mizu Sugai

Ein Gespräch mit Mathilde ter HeijneFoto © Mizu Sugai

Film advisor/camera/editor – a collaborative film project with the queer youth center in Kleve and director Kanchi Wichmann. 







BIWoC* Rising

“BIWoC* Rising: Fundraising campaign”

Video producer (camera, edit, post-production)








Thais Nepomuceno


Editing consultant/graphics – documentary film







Najwa Khater


Editor – a short fiction

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