Men Rarely See a Living Elephant

Video Installation (Full-HD, 16:9, 6 minutes), 2017

“The character for image was derived by homophony from that for “elephant.” On this basis the authors of the Han Feizi explained ”image” as follows:

Men rarely see a living elephant, but they can see the bones of dead elephants. On the basis of this representation, they think of [what it was] in life.

Therefore, the means by which people are able to have an idea of or think about something are all called “elephants/images.” 

Although the Way cannot be heard or seen, the sage grasps its visible functions to fix a vision of its “form.” Therefore, it [the Dao de jing] says, “The formless form, the ‘thingless’ image.

Here the flesh of the elephant has vanished and can only be deduced from its skeletal image. “


Walking in the Zoo in the Ok Thing to Do

Video Installation (Full-HD, 16:9, 7 minutes), 2017

A video essay based on my feelings upon arriving in Germany, struggles with bureaucracy, the immigration office, and isolation. Filmed at the Nürnberg zoo next to the AdBK Nürnberg.

 āhuacatl ii

Video Installation (Full-HD, 16:9, 6 minutes), 2013-2014



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